Mr. DHS bachelors take the stage Friday |

Mr. DHS bachelors take the stage Friday

Being crowned Mr. DHS means having fun, meeting friends and expressing and embracing unique personalities, said Douglas High School senior Jon Fastabend.

Fastabend is one of 14 seniors competing in the 2018 Mr. DHS "The Bachelors" themed pageant Friday at the CVIC Hall in Minden.

"It's senior year and I'm here to make the most of my senior experience and bond with people I normally wouldn't," said Fastabend. "Win or loose you can have companionship when you're put in these circumstances. It's just a fun event where people can be themselves, and express the quality of themselves and the different forms of themselves that people don't know about." 

Since its beginning in 2006, Mr. DHS has focused on the idea of having fun and promoting school spirit while being the Leadership Club's largest fundraiser for the school's Safe and Sober Grad Night, said Leadership teacher Karen Lamb.

“It’s senior year and I’m here to make the most of my senior experience and bond with people I normally wouldn’t.”

— Jon Fastabend

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"For us it's a learning experience and we're having fun because we really do have the power to take this in any direction" said senior Mckenna Hoyle.

Hoyle is part of the Mr. DHS committee which consist of 8 senior girls and two underclassmen planning the pageant.

"I'm looking forward to seeing the boys enjoy themselves during their last few months of high school and seeing them bond," said Hoyle.

Contestant Sean Rigdon is looking forward to his talent which is something he learned specifically for the pageant.

"It's a chance to learn something new and create a fun memory of high school," he said.

Like other pageants contestants perform a talent, answer on-stage questions in their best formal wear and woo a girl during a swim suit contest. They are assessed by a team of judges based on skills, originality, confidence, creativity, personality, poise and stage presence throughout the evening.

The bachelors take the stage 6:30 p.m. Friday at the CVIC Hall in Minden. Tickets are being sold for $20 at the high school. For more information, tickets and to donate contact Karen Lamb, 782-5136.

2018 Mr. DHS Contestants

Phil Lopez

Sean Dunkelman

Darryl Warvarte

Willard Franklin

Zach Romero

Eric Jacobson

Ian Ozolins

Jon Fastabend

Justin Lopez

Thomas Rao

Paul Costello

Austin Clutts

Sean Rigdon

Range Chapnan