Motorhome chase ends in Gardnerville wreck |

Motorhome chase ends in Gardnerville wreck

Staff Reports

What has been reported as a motorhome that refused to yield to deputies is being investigated by the Nevada Highway Patrol this morning.

A motorhome crossed into Nevada at about 10:42 p.m. on Sunday night on Highway 50 with no headlights, according to scanner traffic.

Deputies started pursuing the motorhome near Kahle Drive and followed it around Spooner Junction down Highway 50 and onto Highway 395 south.

An eyewitness said the motorhome, whose tires had been punctured, was leaving a trail of sparks as it traveled through Minden with Douglas, NHP and Carson City units in pursuit.

The witness said he saw the motorhome listing to the passenger side before continuing south to near the S-curve in Gardnerville where it was pinned against the Ritchford stables and the driver pulled out before midnight.

The R-C will follow up on this story as details become available.