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Minden school holds Heritage Multi-cultural Days

by Kate Gardner

Minden Elementary School students celebrated their third annual Heritage Multi-cultural Days on Dec. 22.

This year, the students traveled on a “Christmas Train Through Time.” Students were given a locomotive train ticket and train sounds were heard over the loud speaker with an “all aboard” to get the activities started.

The teachers worked together to prepare the lessons. Three or four teachers per time period planned the activities. Students were divided into multi-age groups – kindergarten through 6th – so that all students were taught by all teachers, with about 60 to 70 students in each group.

The times the students “traveled” through were the Renaissance, Victorian, colonial, pioneer and World War II eras.

In each period, students learned about life in that time and how Christmas was celebrated.

In the Renaissance group, the students made rag dolls, as rags were about all most children had to work or play with.

In the Victorian group, the students made wallpaper hearts and cornucopias. Students learned that Queen Victoria felt children should be indulged, and during her era, Christmas was first celebrated with trees and cards sent to friends.

In the colonial group, the students decorated trees using edible objects. During this time period, decorations were made of fruit that was eaten later.

In the pioneer group, the students made cross-stitch ornaments and learned how to make string games. They also learned that moat Christmas gifts were handmade, and one candy cane or a peppermint stick was considered a special treat.

In the World War II group, the students made peanut butter sandwiches and small wreaths covered with American flags. The students learned that food was rationed and the war was part of everyone’s daily life.

Each lesson was an hour long. The day was ended with an all-school holiday party with food, candles and music. The food was provided by the parents.

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