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Minden lender advocates for police, firefighters

Helping police, firefighters and first responders afford homes in the towns they serve is a cause that is close to Denise Beronio’s heart.

Based on a grant already in place to help teachers purchase homes for the first time, Beronio is advocating to expand that grant to include people that serve the Douglas County community in dangerous occupations.

“I have many friends in the sheriff’s department,” said Beronio, “and I care about people who make our communities safe. No one says thank you enough, and this is my own way of trying, too.”

Beronio’s family claims several military members and veterans, and some of the Douglas county deputies came from the military as well.

“These people served our country, and now they are serving our community,” Beronio said. “They deserve to be able to live here.”

Already in place is the “Helping Heroes” program, which waives at least $750 in lender fees for mortgages, available to law enforcement, teachers, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians, which is offered through Prime Lending.

The grant program Beronio would like to see extended is the “Home is Possible for Teachers” grant, which offers grant money to help with down payments.

“Every six months, we take a look at the grants and decide where the biggest need is,” said Nevada Housing Division’s Homebuyer Programs Supervisor Dwight Pace.

The Home is Possible program is funded by a partnership between the Nevada Housing Division, U.S. Bank, and Raymond James.

Getting the grant is a dream for Beronio, but until that time, she’s offering whatever she can to help deputies, firefighters, and first responders, and the lenders aren’t benefiting from offering these programs.

“It’s just the right thing to do,” said Beronio. “I’ve had several friends who grew up here all their lives and joined the Sheriff’s department, just to leave for Fallon or Carson or Reno because they’re making less here, and the housing market is much higher. They don’t really have a choice.”

To learn more, you can contact Denise Beronio at the Minden branch of Prime Lending at 775-552-3217.