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Minden Future Poem

100 years from now ….

By the first and second grade multi-age class of Sharon Chappell and Janell Sheets (AKA “Chapeets”) at Minden Elementary School.

We think …

Broccoli will taste like candy

And never-melting ice cream will be handy.

Candy will replace the vegetable food group

And hot chocolate will make a very good soup.

We think …

Jet-powered backpacks will take us to school

And snowboards that fly will be really cool.

Pencils will do your homework for you

And a “human wash” will clean you, too.

We think …

There will be self-cleaning clothes

And jet-powered shoes to cover your toes.

We’ll wear cell phone pants and a radio belt;

Cooler clothes we’ll never have felt.

We think …

Traveling to school by monorail or flying bus

Will be really fun for all of us.

Moving sidewalks that go up and down

Will take us through Minden … that’s our town.

We think …

Edible homework will be yummy

And a delicious snack for our tummy.

The “Helmetnizer” will teach us so fast

And pencils that do all our work will be such a blast.

We might be wrong or we might be right.

In the year 2106 it will be quite a sight.

In 100 years, it might look like space,

But Minden will still be a wonderful place.