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Middle school seeks to recall yearbooks

School officials are recalling Carson Valley Middle School's yearbook after a student got into the index and included fake names.
Year Book vandalism

School officials are seeking to recall Carson Valley Middle School yearbooks after it was determined someone had included fake names in the index.

The Record-Courier was able to find five names that were clearly not of students on Friday morning.

Superintendent Teri White said that administrators were notified on Wednesday afternoon that there was a problem with the yearbook.

“Apparently, a student was able to get into the editing mode and change the names of some students to derogatory names,” White said. “The pages were not properly edited and the yearbook was printed and distributed to all the students.”

White said that when she discovered the issue, she directed the school to collect all of the yearbooks and find a means to correct the issue.

“They are working to find a printer who can reprint the pages with adhesive on the back to be placed over the defaced pages.”

White said the school has determined the identity of the student and disciplinary action has been taken.

“The bottom line is that we do not tolerate bullying, harassment, or discrimination and if we find any of the adults acted inappropriately, we will take the appropriate disciplinary action,” she said. “Moving forward, the new administration will have a plan for oversight into the proofing and then a review of the books before they are distributed.”

A review of the index revealed five names that do not appear with the photos, including Thicc Boi, Yo Ma and Big Forehead.

The parents of the girl who did the cover told a Reno television station that the vandalism was bullying, something White said the district doesn’t tolerate.

“We, in no way, tolerate bullying or discrimination from students or staff,” she said.