MES sends Monarchs to Mexico |

MES sends Monarchs to Mexico

by Joyce Hollister

Monarch butterflies are “migrating” from Minden Elementary School to a school in Mexico this week as 1st-grade students learn about these colorful creatures.

The children in Lisa Wilson’s class are participating in an Internet project sponsored by the Annenberg TCPB Math and Science Project. Hundreds of schools in the United States are participating, Wilson said.

The students have been tracking the migration of and studying Monarch butterflies for several months, she said.

This week, each of her students colored one-half of a paper butterfly to mail to a Mexican school, thus replicating the migration route.

They also wrote messages to their Mexican counterparts. The school’s Spanish assistant, Maria Amador, helped to translate the children’s messages into Spanish.

Wilson said the butterflies will overwinter in Mexico, and the Mexican students will color the other halves of the “Monarchs.”

The butterflies will be sent back in the spring to replicate the spring migration. The Mexican students will also write letters to their friends in the north.

Certain real-life Monarch butterflies actually do migrate, Wilson added, and by tracking the migration, the children are learning geography, conservation, global awareness, friendship, language and geometry.

The students have learned, for instance, that Monarchs live only on milkweed and tulips. The students are looking for milkweed and are going to plant a tulip garden to welcome back their Monarchs from Mexico.