Melody "Mimi Miyagi" Damayo Republican Governor |

Melody "Mimi Miyagi" Damayo Republican Governor

Record Courier Staff Reports

Hometown: Las Vegas

Contact information: mimi@mimi4, (702)799-9913

Incumbency: None

Education: Global School of Investigation and Stratford Career Institute (security and police science)

Platform: Crime rate in Nevada has grown tremendously. The police force is understaffed. I’m concerned about funding for the protection of our citizens. Including the tourists. Federal policy needs to be reversed when it comes to counterterrorism. It should be upward in a vertical alignment that accounts not only based on population but would account for the amount of tourists as well. Teachers are leaving our state in droves. Funding for education is a serious issue. Education level in Nevada is at the bottom of the barrel recently rated by Money Magazine. I’m also concerned about prescriptions for senior citizens and their freedom to live in home communities. They should be allowed to live with honor without having to be forced to live in group homes because of a lack of funds.

I would support an initiative called “Marijuana for Revenue,” and allocate 50 percent of the funds towards senior citizens. Changing the classification of marijuana to an herb and not a drug. Call it for what it really is. We’re funding over $800,000 for prisoners with these marijuana violations. Those funds could better be utilized to useful and reasonable, necessary budgets. I would transfer the budget that is wasteful in the police departments, i.e. lap dance police, etc. I would put the budget where it is needed most. Where it matters the most. To the protection of citizens. Education funds could be raised by legalizing brothels in limited areas in Las Vegas, and other areas where free enterprise of brothels is not allowed an introduction.

Exotic dance clubs should also be legalized inside hotels and allocate all the tax funds received from them into youth gang violence defense fund as well as a healthy food and physical fitness education initiative in Nevada for students. and Real estate taxes are also very high, it needs to be reduced. Small business license taxes also need to be reduced.