Master plan survey results released |

Master plan survey results released

The vast majority of Douglas residents taking a survey on the text portions of the master plan agreed that the county should protect and encourage agriculture.

Last week, Douglas County released the results of the survey taken during September.

“On behalf of the Planning Commission we would like to thank those who took the time to take the Master Plan survey. Our hope is that the responses will provide us with some good insight as to what the people of Douglas County are hoping to see for the future of our community,” said Planning Commission Chairman Kirk Walder.

The planning commission will hear a presentation of the results at virtual meetings 1 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday.

Revisions to the text portion of the plan based on information from the survey and community workshops in early September will be under consideration at those meetings.

According to the survey’s field summary, 86.64 residents agreed while only 10.74 percent were neutral on the topic.

Capitalizing on outdoor recreation and lifestyle, along with agritourism saw 75 percent agree and 6.77 percent in opposition.

There was less enthusiasm for fostering a diverse regional economy, with 55 percent agreeing and 16.86 percent saying they disagreed.

The survey includes 301 written responses to the economic development area largely arguing against development and criticizing the survey as being too vague.

Most people agreed with promoting historic, cultural and archaeological sites, with 89.26 percent.

The county reported that 1,015 people responded to the survey.

Slightly more than half have lived in the county for 11 years or more, with 23 percent living here less than five years.

Around 64 percent are older than 55, more than double the number of 25-54-year-olds, which made up up 27.35 percent of respondents.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the county’s largest community, the Gardnerville Ranchos, accounted for the most responses, followed closely by Johnson Lane.

Retired residents made up 46.3 percent while workers made up 43.32 percent.

The results of the survey, and the revised goals, policies and actions can be viewed on the County’s Master Plan webpage at

While the survey is closed, residents are encouraged to keep providing comment on the draft plan by email at or by appointment with the Community Development Department’s office up until the day before the meeting, or during the Planning Commission meetings.

Additional questions or comments regarding the Master Plan can be submitted to Tom Dallaire, Director of Community Development, or Sam Booth, Planning Manager at 783-6015 or via email at