Man who kept aliens from kidnapping children bound over for trafficking |

Man who kept aliens from kidnapping children bound over for trafficking

A California man, who claimed aliens were trying to take his children, was bound over on a count of trafficking in cocaine on Friday.

Jason W. Beeman, 33, was ordered to appear in Douglas County District Court on Oct. 23 to face the felony.

A Douglas County deputy testified on Friday he responded to the parking lot of the Carson Valley Inn in Minden on Nov. 27 and found Beeman lying on top of his 2- and 5-year-old children.

The deputy said the children weren’t wearing shoes and only light jackets in the 33-degree weather.

According to court documents, Beeman admitted smoking marijuana earlier in the day. He told deputies that he saw the reflection of demons in a television screen earlier and got everyone out of the room. He then said that after getting food in Minden, he the two children and a woman walked out into the parking lot where the children started to levitate.

After seeking medical attention for the children and the woman, deputies detained Beeman. During a search they found a bag of cocaine, measuring just under 14 grams that Beeman referred to as his treats.

On Friday, Beeman’s attorney Walter Fey, questioned why deputies detained Beeman when they were responding to a domestic battery.

East Fork Judge Pro Tem Steve McMorris found there was marginal or slight evidence that Beeman had committed the offense of trafficking in 4-14 grams.

The results of a preliminary hearing do not determine guilt or innocence, only that there is sufficient evidence that a crime had been committed and that the accused could have committed it.

That level of trafficking carries a maximum sentence of 12-72 months in prison and a $50,000 fine.

Beeman is free on bail.