Man sentenced in burglary case |

Man sentenced in burglary case

by Taylor Pettaway

A Gardnerville man received a suspended sentence of a year for an attempted burglary.

Joshua G. Gutierrez, 25, was arrested on Jan. 19 after attempting to gain entry into a residence near the 1200 block of Sorensen Lane.

According to reports, a video camera at the front door caught an image of Gutierrez, dressed in all black knocking on the door around 7:45 p.m. After he determined that no one was home, a second camera caught him enter the backyard and attempt to open several doors of the residences. Deputies said he was scared away after a motion sensor light came on in the backyard. Deputies caught Gutierrez after recognizing his vehicle and pulling him over several days later.

He was charged with burglary of a residence with attempted force and ex-felon who failed to register.

In court, he told the judge that he was regretful of what he did.

“The whole situation put everyone I am involved with in a bad place and it was my actions that caused everything,” Gurtierrez said. “…I understand what I did was wrong and I regret it.”

Gutierrez told the court that the situation harmed his marriage, his job and his reputation in town.

The judge sentenced Gutierrez to 364 days in the Douglas County Jail, to be suspended for two years.