Man rams patrol car, en route to prison |

Man rams patrol car, en route to prison

A man who led deputies on a chase through Gardnerville was sentenced to prison on Tuesday.

Steven E. Hall, 36, received 24-50 months in prison for attempting to elude deputies and 12-34 months for possession of cocaine.

Hall admitted Tuesday that he was under the influence of drugs when his pickup was spotted at a Gardnerville grocery store 3:30 a.m. Feb. 2.

Hall led deputies through residential Gardnerville dodging down Mission Street and then turning back up on Spruce Street. He admitted ramming a patrol car before he jumped out of the vehicle and ran toward Wildrose.

He said he stopped on his own and didn’t struggle with deputies when they took him into custody, apologizing to them for running.

Hall has a significant felony record including drug sales and eluding charges.

“Mr. Hall recognizes that drugs are the root of his problems,” defense attorney Kris Brown said. “He was high and had a warrant for his arrest. He was trying to get away.”

Hall said he didn’t intend to endanger anyone.

“I did freak out and ran,” he said.

Brown said Hall will likely spend a year in prison on a parole violation and that by law Tuesday’s sentence will not start until that sentence expires.

A woman whose probation was reinstated last week returned to court on Tuesday to ask that her status be revoked because her attorney said her incarceration in the jail has become intolerable.

Lindsay Rix, 27, asked to be transferred to the prison on her suspended 16-48-month sentence.

District Judge Tod Young revoked her probation, but denied her request to go right to the prison and serve her six-month jail sentence after she was done.

Attorney Matthew Ence said that since she gave her medication to another inmate she’s been cut off by the jail.

A man who was convicted a decade ago of 21 burglaries over three months still owes the $16,000 in restitution he was ordered to pay in 2009.

A warrant was issued Tuesday for the arrest of Timothy C. Morgan, 31, who was paroled in 2017.

A homeless man who broke into a Foothill residence could receive a deferred sentence if he is accepted in mental health court in Carson City.

Everett B. Bridenbaugh, 22, appeared in Douglas County District Court on Tuesday where he admitted to attempted grand larceny.

If Bridenbaugh is successful in his diversion, the charges could be dismissed. If he fails, the charge can be treated as either a felony or a gross misdemeanor at sentencing.