Man denies battery charge |

Man denies battery charge

A Gardnerville man is denying charges of felony domestic battery and unlawful taking of a motor vehicle.

John W. Hamrick, 33, is accused of pushing the victim down in an effort to take away her cell phone on Jan. 21.

A third instance of domestic battery in seven years is punishable by up to six years in prison.

Hamrick’s bail was revoked April 5 after testimony revealed he’d had contact with a child named in a protection order.

Attorney Melissa Rosenthal argued Hamrick’s bail should be lowered because the person seeking the protection order didn’t have the authority to include the child.

Prosecutor Ric Casper argued that Hamrick’s bail was appropriate under the circumstances.

District Judge Tom Gregory set bail at $10,000 but allowed Hamrick to seek a bond.

Hamrick’s trial was set for July 9-11 after he invoked his right to a speedy trial. While that often means within 60 days of arraignment, Gregory told Hamrick that was within the parameters of the court’s calendar.