Man accused of assault swears off alcohol, guns |

Man accused of assault swears off alcohol, guns

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

A 67-year Topaz Ranch Estates man said he would never touch alcohol or a firearm again after he was arrested on Saturday night for allegedly pointing a shotgun and a pistol at three people.

Richard C. Garska appeared in East Fork Justice Court on Monday morning, where his bail was set at $2,500 and attorney Matthew Ence was appointed to represent him.

He is scheduled to return to court on Wednesday for further proceedings.

The three victims in the case said Garska got drunk and became angry on Saturday night.

They told deputies he went into his room and came back out with a loaded shotgun. They were able to talk him into putting that down, then he went back into his room and brought out a loaded revolver.

Deputies responded to the address on Pinenut Way at around 8:30 p.m. and found Garska in his pickup.

When they tried to take him into custody he fought with them, prompting a resisting arrest charge.

On Monday, Garska apologized to the court and said he didn’t see any way he could post bail.

“There’s no way I can post bail and I’ve got nowhere to go,” he said.

■ A Topaz Ranch Estates man with a lengthy history of criminal activity in Douglas County is facing a parole violation after he was allegedly arrested with drugs and burglary tools.

Adam Westmark, 29, appeared in East Fork Justice Court on Monday where his bail was set at $20,000.

He is on a no-bail hold for the parole violation.

Westmark was stopped after he allegedly missed a stop sign and ended up in the intersection on March 14.

On parole for attempted burglary, parole and probation officers asked that he be detained.

A police K-9 conducted an open air sniff and alerted to drugs in Wesmark’s vehicle, according to court documents.

Westmark allegedly had baggies containing methamphetamine and heroin on his person. Deputies also found bolt cutters, a lock-pick set and pry bar in the vehicle.

Westmark was paroled in April 2018 after being sentenced to serve out his prison term the month prior. With 415 days time served on the attempted burglary charge, his attorney said he would check out of prison shortly after he checked in.

Westmark was one of three men involved in a series of burglaries in Topaz Ranch Estates that netted $15,000-$20,000 in stolen tools and other items in 2010 to feed their drug addictions.