Lynn, Nelson looks like ’08 rematch |

Lynn, Nelson looks like ’08 rematch

by Aurora Sain
Greg Lynn files election paperwork for re-election to county commission on Monday morning.
Jim Grant | The Record-Courier

This year’s race for District 1 county commissioner, so far, looks like a re-run of 2008.

Dave Nelson and Greg Lynn are both running to be the commissioner for District 1, a position Lynn has held for two terms.

Lynn was elected in 2008 after defeating Nelson in the Republican primary. If elected, he will then be term-limited after his four-year term. In the 2012 election, Lynn went unopposed.

Lynn said that he never had political aspirations, but working in Douglas County for 20 years and getting to know the ins and outs changed his mind.

“I will be damned if I let these people have this place without a fight,” said Lynn.

The campaigning has already started, with Nelson saying his reasons for running stem from his unhappiness with the current board.

“I think our commission is going against the people,” said Nelson. “It’s not fair to have commissioners ignore the people.”

Nelson moved into District 1 on Nov. 5, 2015, a reason he said has nothing to do with running for commissioner.

“I moved to that address when my mother-in-law came to live with us, we needed more space,” said Nelson. “I was approached when I moved and asked to run for county commissioner.”

None of the homes he owns are in the district.

Nelson signed a pledge that he would oppose and vote against any and all efforts to either increase taxes or impose general obligation bonds without a vote of the electorate.

“When an elected official says they won’t do the tough stuff they are voted to do, what’s the point,” said Lynn. “I’m gonna do what you hired me to do.”

Nelson said he is a strong supporter of the master plan, and wants to make sure the voters are represented.

“I’m more of a listener than a talker,” said Nelson. “I will listen to the people of Douglas County and treat them with respect.”

Lynn said that he isn’t afraid to make the difficult decisions, and be the person to say “no” when necessary.

“Someone has to do it,” he said. “Otherwise staff or special interests run everything.”

“I feel like we’ve been good stewards, we’ve kept the ship afloat,” said Lynn. “In the end this job really changes you, rigid ideology won’t be effective.”

Both men are Republicans. As of end of Friday, no one else has filed for the District 1 seat. After the first week of filing, there are only three races.