Lutherans look into starting a high school |

Lutherans look into starting a high school

by E.D. Thyr

For a number of months, representatives of the four congregations of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in the greater Carson Valley have been meeting with the expressed goal of establishing a Lutheran high school in the area.

Individuals from Bethlehem Lutheran in Carson City, Fountain of Life in Dayton, Shepherd of the Sierra in Carson Valley and Trinity Lutheran in Gardnerville who are interested in Christian secondary education have volunteered to serve on the planning committee. They include engineers, college professors, Christian educators, a police officer, parents and a number of business executives, as well as the pastors of the congregations involved.

The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, has one of the most extensive programs of Christian education in all of Protestantism, including 65 high schools and several thousand elementary schools in the United States, with many more in Canada and other nations. To promote Christian education, the denomination has a program called the Genesis Project, which is geared to assist congregations and groups of congregations to develop programs of full-time Christian education.

The Carson Valley group has been meeting with Dr. Gerald Brunworth, a denominational representative and director of a Lutheran high school in Dallas, Texas – associated with the Genesis project – to take the group, step by step, from dream to plan to the reality of a successful Christian high school in the area.

The steering committee has recently completed the mission statement of the new high school. It reads: “Carson Valley Lutheran High School is directed by the Word of God to make disciples. Through a broad-based, innovative curriculum, students will be challenged to use the many gifts and talents God has given them. It is expected that the students will become productive, literate and faithful citizens in the world in which God has placed them.”

The committee is now working on a feasibility study, which includes a demographic analysis of the target area. The committee also plans to telephone several hundred residents of the target area to assess the general attitude of people in the area with reference to establishing a Christian secondary school. The congregations involved have opted to join what will become the Lutheran High School Association, and officers have been elected to serve the group.

The committee is in the process of becoming a non-profit corporation of the state of Nevada, establishing a bank account, beginning an energetic program geared to accumulate the capital funds needed to begin construction.

Those interested in learning more about Carson Valley Lutheran High or who may be inclined to help with the capitalization program, may write Lutheran High Association, P.O. Box 2705, Carson City 89702.