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Looking ahead


The Carson Valley’s lush green fields are an example of how deceiving looks can be.

A visitor might think that water is plentiful and the Valley really isn’t part of a high desert ecosystem. Many residents seem to think so. They also seem to think they have no responsibility to conserve or make any concession to the high desert ecosystem.

That’s why the Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District board should be commended for acknowledging that wasting water is a problem, and starting to deal with it.

The board this week began discussing the possibility of tougher sanctions for people who chronically let water run from their property, as well as conservation measures such as limiting watering during the hottest and windiest hours of the day.

Board members appear to be taking a reasonable approach, citing education of residents as a more important component of conserving water than enforcement through citations or forced installation of water meters.

Residents must meet them halfway, however. Instead of dismissing water conservation as something to be imposed on other people, or blaming those who moved here after they did, residents D throughout the Valley, not just in the Ranchos D have to approach the issue with an open mind.

If Valley residents don’t address water conservation on their own, the state or federal governments may do it for them D and as the cliche goes, help from the government isn’t always as it appears.