Zone changes for about 100 units OK’d |

Zone changes for about 100 units OK’d

Planning commissioners approved a handful of zone changes on Tuesday that will result in about 100 homes across Carson Valley. That’s not the net increase, but it’s pretty close. The zoning was altered to match master plan amendments approved by the county last year.

The largest single increase was on Bently land surrounding the NuSystems Building at Centerville and Dresslerville in the Gardnerville Ranchos that would allow roughly 50 single-family homes on 9.2 acres.

Carlo Luri, representing Chris Bently, told planning commissioners the company isn’t always looking to develop to the highest density.

The property surrounding the NuSystems Building at Centerville and Dresslerville was originally neighborhood commercial and agriculture with a planned development overlay.

Prior approvals for the land included a recreational vehicle park and a retail office commercial complex. Both those approvals expired.

Under a master plan amendment approved on Sept. 18, the property was converted to single family residential.

The property west of the site is zoned neighborhood commercial. Silver Ranch, zoned for 12,000-square-foot lots, is located across Dresslerville Road.

Neighboring Cedar Creek is zoned for 8,000-square-foot lots.

The first zone change dealing with Minden multi-family housing was approved by planning commissioners.

The Hellwinkel approval on 2 acres near the fire station on County Road in Minden could result in up to 32 units.

The zone changes requested must go to Douglas County commissioners for final approval.

The Hellwinkel lot is located north of where County Road meets Olua Street. Representative Rob Hellwinkel said access to the property will be by County Road and through the Maverik Parcel to the west.

One Minden resident expressed concerns about developing the pasture land owned by the Biaggi family on a neighboring lot. According to the county, that land is zoned for 12,000-foot single family lots.

Bently also received an approval for increased zoning density on 36.7 acres straddling East Valley Road north of Kiss Lane.

Planning commissioners approved 6-1 altering the zoning from 5-acre to 2-acre lots, which will allow a maximum of an additional 11 homes.

Luri said some of the property is under cultivation, and the company has no plans for developing it.

Planning Commissioner Devere Henderson was the sole vote against the change.

Planning commissioners also approved a zone change on 5.43 acres near Centerville Lane from one-acre to half-acre zoning, essentially doubling the density on the parcel to 10 homes.