Youngest entrepreneur makes the best hot dogs |

Youngest entrepreneur makes the best hot dogs

by Lisa Gavon
R-C Alpine Bureau
Allen Baker, 12, along with his mascot "Hot Dog Man" in front of his hot dog cart, "Malibu Dogs."

Most would just dream about it, but instead, 12-year-old Allen Baker took action. He was just 10 when he decided he wanted a Malibu Speed Boat. His favorite thing to do is going water skiing with his buddy Callen Broadhurst.

Allen researched what someone his age could do to make enough money to be able to purchase what he wanted. There were a lot of different possibilities, but he settled on running his very own hot dog cart, named after his speed boat goal: “Malibu Dogs.” In addition to maintaining a 4.0 GPA at Diamond Valley School where he is now in the seventh grade, he did the research and filed all the paperwork to run his own business. He is the youngest member of the Alpine County Chamber of Commerce.

He found a hot dog cart for sale, and with a loan from parents John and Karrie Baker, he purchased it. He has been consistent in making the monthly payments, budgeting out money to cover the leaner months, making sure to save enough from the busy season.

Like his mother and father, Allen feels it is important to give back to the community. When he does a special event, he donates a portion to the project or group that is trying to raise funding. He has given to the Firesafe Council and the Alpine Watershed Group, with his family’s Alps Haus Cafe matching the funding.

Allen has hired locals in his age range to help him run the stand when it gets really swamped. Most children would choose to play, but he has helped others find out how much fun it is work too. He orders all his own supplies, keeping track of what he needs. He does all the cleaning, set-up, and take-down himself. You can find him along with his mascot “Hot Dog Man” on most clear weather weekends from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. either in front of the Alps Haus Internet Cafe or Al’s Got Gas, Bait & Tackle (formerly Markleeville Gas).

Allen has provided employment, made charitable donations, and brought inspiration to all of us to get up and go after our heart’s desire. Along the way, he is demonstrating how to be a vital part of the place he lives while offering people the best, most delicious hot dogs in Alpine County.