Young poets perform in coffeehouse |

Young poets perform in coffeehouse

Staff Reports

This is the fifth year that Meneley Elementary School students held their Poetry Café project at the Pony Espresso. Sixth-grade teacher Janine Mello said the event gets better every year.

Mello’s students recited their poems to a crowd at the Gardnerville Ranchos coffeehouse March 2, where the staff made special treats for the poets and their parents.

“This is an excellent example of how school and community work together to encourage the education of our youth,” said Mello. “It was a fabulous parent turn-out and a packed house.

“All students entered their most favorite poem in a national spring contest and will find out the results in June. It was an amazing experience and the students truly spoke from their hearts.”

The students learned about cinquains, autobiographical poems, couplets and haikus in their poetry unit which fulfills a sixth-grade competency goal.

The following are some of the original poems the students created and performed.

Cows by Peter Kha

Cows go “moo.”

They crap in my shoe.

Cows are the best

They got a better score than me on the math test

Cows are the kings

They’re kind of weird smelly things

Cows are cool.

I can beat them at pool.

Cows go and die

I sit down and ask why?

So cows still go “moo”

And they still crap in my shoe

Every time I clean my shoe

I get so sad.

Haley by Haley Douglas




Wishes to fly like an eagle,

Dreams of making world peace,

Who wants to succeed in life and college,

Who wonders what lies beyond the layers of the earth,

Who fears war,

Who is afraid of starving,

Who likes apples,

Who believes in God,

Who loves chocolate,

Who plans to live a great life,

Whose final destination is to lie beyond the layers of earth.

Daddy by Breana Lummus

When I’m alone, he’s the angel watching over me.

When I’m with him he’s the best friend that doesn’t ignore me.

I know that he loves me, even when we fight.

I know that he thinks of me each day and each night.

The days go by, and he teaches me to live them.

I have knowledge that he does not say, but it shines in his eyes anyway.

I know that I will someday leave, to find true love, and raise a family.

But for right now, I’m safe and sound.

I’m still growing, and he is my future.

Jake by Jake Connolly




Wishes to be a Major League Baseball player

Dreams of having lots of money

Wants there to be no war on earth

Who wonders what happens when you die

Who fears dying?

Who is afraid of ghosts?

Who likes to watch football?

Who believes in heaven?

Who loves playing PSP?

Who loves playing football?

Who loves my family?

Who loves cheeseburgers?

Who plans to be rich?

Who plans to play baseball for a living?

Who plans to live a good life?

Whose final destination is heaven.

Limerick by Alec Baumer

There was a man from Mars.

He was dreaming he was eating cars.

He was 52.

And ate old shoes.

And he got old space bar.

Cinquain by Alec Baumer


Blue, round

Falling, thumping, dropping

Rain is cold and wet

Rain is like a little shower.

Money by Alec Baumer

Money can’t buy everything.

It can’t buy internal beauty

Or the love that you receive.

And it certainly can’t buy a wonderful family

Or the warm summer breeze.


by Marley Breitenbucher

Chirp, chirp, chirp

Calls the birds in the morning.

Tip toe, tip toe

As I walk out of the tent, trying not to wake anyone else up.

Crackle crackle, pop pop

Goes the lively fire.

Splish splash, splish splash

Roars the waters of the river near by.

Shmm ahh

As I smell the wonderful scent of the pines.