You are never alone |

You are never alone

by Bill McCready

Last December, my father passed away. He had battled cancer for years, but in the end, it went very quickly. I was able to spend the week with him at Thanksgiving, and at the time his doctors still thought he could rally. We hoped, we prayed, we shared a meal with the whole family there, and we waited to see how it would turn out. A few hours after I got back home, my mom called and told me he was headed back to the hospital. A couple weeks later, she called again and said I needed to get there fast. I made it there just hours before my father – my hero – stepped from this world into eternity.

Since then my family has been experiencing grief. I have been grieving. It is difficult, draining work to allow myself to be sad and miss someone as important to me as my Dad. I am fortunate enough to have great friends and my church family to walk me through this season and all the ups and downs. But most of all, I am grateful that God has made a promise that I’m not alone in this. Ever.

When we go through tough times, when it feels like our hearts are breaking for whatever reason – relationship issues, financial issues, family struggles, the death of someone close to you – it can feel like you are all alone in your pain and grief. But there is a promise in the Bible that lets us know we are not alone, especially when we feel the most alone. Psalm 34:18 says, “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.” When we feel like we are alone in our grief and pain, God’s Word reminds us that the Lord is close to us. He never walks away from our pain, He comes in closer to comfort and guide, to offer rescue and hope, even in the midst of heartache.

Pain and difficult circumstances are not signs of God’s abandonment; they are simply a part of the human experience. We all have tough times. We all have losses. We all go through heartbreak. Those times are not when God has left us; they are the moment that God is closer to us than ever. In good times and in bad, God is as near as your next breath, but He is especially close when your heart is broken. When it hurts, God is closer than ever.

So as you and I walk through whatever hard times and heartaches we might face, just remember one thing: God has not left us. He has not abandoned us, just the opposite: He has never been closer to your heart than when it feels broken. He is there to comfort and encourage you. He will send people to offer hope and help. But know this: you never walk through heartache alone. And that is good news!

Pastor Bill McCready of LifePoint Church is a member of the Carson Valley Ministers’ Association.