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Would-be robbery suspects appear in court


Two men accused of trying to rob a Gardnerville market appeared before East Fork Justice of the Peace Tom Perkins on Monday.

Gardnerville residents Angel Razo-Ortega, 25, and Tanner Cooper, 21, appeared in connection with the robbery attempt and a variety of other burglaries which they allegedly used to fund their methamphetamine habit.

Razo-Ortega told Perkins he was still in college, but that he expected to be incarcerated for a few years as a result of these charges.

He asked if there was any way he could be released from jail to take care of some unfinished business.

“This is a robbery case,” Perkins said, setting Razo-Ortega’s bail at $25,000. “You don’t get to get (released on your own recognizance) on a robbery charge.”

Cooper told Perkins he was working and was supporting a girlfriend and an 11-month-old child.

Perkins denied Cooper’s request for release on his own recognizance, and appointed Derrick Lopez to represent him.

According to court documents, investigators received information that someone named Angel was responsible for the Aug. 9 robbery attempt. They connected that information to a fraudulent Walmart check cashed at Sharkey’s, which led them to Razo-Ortega.

He told investigators Cooper gave him $20 to buy a BB gun and the two were parked out front of the store for an hour while Razo-Ortega built up the courage to go into the store.

When the clerk refused to give him any money and then grabbed for the gun, Razo-Ortega struggled to get it back and then ran out of the store.

Cooper allegedly admitted to investigators that he cased the store and drove Razo-Ortega there to rob it, but that he didn’t believe he’d go through with the crime.

According to the sheriff’s report, both men allegedly burglarized the Village Laundry after the robbery and spent the money on drugs.