Workers spread out after 93 mph wind storm |

Workers spread out after 93 mph wind storm

Gardnerville enginner Geoffrey LaCost took this photo on a cottonwood that fello over Courthouse along Heritage Park.

Utility trucks, tree trimmers and fence contractors fanned out across Carson Valley on Friday morning in response to a 93-mph windstorm that scoured Douglas County on Thursday.

Douglas County dispatchers handled 212 calls from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., during the brunt of the storm, Sheriff’s Sgt. Pat Brooks said.

“There were a lot of power line down calls,” Brooks said. “It started at Lake Tahoe, and worked its way down into the Valley with a lot of trees down.”

Brooks said that there were 360 calls for service on Thursday.

The Historian Inn in Gardnerville lost a piece of equipment off its roof. As of Friday morning, Waterloo was closed, but Centerville Lane was back open after downed power lines closed it Thursday afternoon.

“It was crazy yesterday,” Brooks said. The county’s portable readerboard at highways 395 and 88 blew over and Brooks said they couldn’t get it righted in the winds.

“I was being pelted by rocks,” he said. “It felt like someone was shooting you with a BB gun.”

Trees fell across the Valley. Rancher Doug Hone said a tree hit their house. Homes were also struck by trees across the Valley, including one in Pleasantview, and another on Fifth Street in Genoa. A crew from Joe Bognino Tree Service worked Saturday to clear the tree from the roof of the home.

Also in Genoa, a tree knocked down power lines that set a shed on fire. East Fork firefighters doused the flames, keeping them from spreading in the high winds.

Trinity Lutheran Church in Gardnerville lost its sign along Douglas Avenue, as did Garden Cemetery.

Power outages continued in Douglas County on Friday morning with nearly 2,400 customers without power at 10 a.m. Friday, according to NV Energy’s website.

That number was down to 488 by the Friday evening, with 213 in Gardnerville, 146 at Stateline and 116 in the Ranchos. All power had been restored to Carson Valley customers by Saturday afternoon, and only 15 Lake Tahoe customers remained without power.

Liberty Utilities reported on Friday morning that most South Lake Tahoe customers have had power restored. Fewer than 100 customers remained without power; about 50 customers in North Lake Tahoe and approximately 65 customers in South Lake Tahoe with 50 of those customers’ power to be restored shortly.

While Thursday’s storm brought wind, it left very little moisture in the Valley, dampening streets but not registering in gauges.

Donner Summit reported 19 inches of snowfall, while Heavenly reported 3 inches of new snow.