Work wraps up on Virginia Canal |

Work wraps up on Virginia Canal

Workers poured concrete around utility holes Wednesday in preparation for the completion of Muller Parkway between Pinenut Road and Grant Avenue.

County Manager Steve Mokrohisky said the crossing at the Virgina Canal should be complete in the next two weeks.

Completion of the crossing will open up an alternate route from the Gardnerville Ranchos to Carson Valley Medical Center, Walmart and several other businesses that would have required residents to turn onto Highway 395

It will also provide a third destination for users of the Pinenut Road roundabout.

Eventually, Muller Parkway is envisioned to stretch along the northern edge of Minden and Gardnerville, and has been in the planning stage in Douglas County since the 1980s.

Construction across the canal added 750 feet of right of way to the route, which is now called Mathias Parkway.

Sierra Nevada SW granted right of way across the canal and Peri Enterprises finished Muller up to the canal.

Building the road and installing a box culvert was estimated to cost $200,000.

More than four miles of Muller Parkway remains either unfunded or waiting for developers to build. The largest missing swath of the road runs from where it ends in Minden to Toler Lane in Gardnerville, more than three miles.