Work continues on Hellwinkel channel and path |

Work continues on Hellwinkel channel and path

Workers are moving power lines near the intersection of Toler Lane and Highway 395 as part of a larger project on the Hellwinkel property north of Gardnerville.

“We have been working with the adjacent property owners and NV Energy and Charter to see about relocating the power poles out of the existing sidewalk,” said Gardnerville Town Manager Tom Dallaire. “Then we can get the base for the path in and paved before winter.”

He said the power line will be removed over the pond and open space property.

“There will a future stub for fiber optic connection from Gilman to Toler, and we are extending the pedestrian path from the Chichester pond to Toler Lane,” he said.

Construction on a flood channel and pedestrian trail from Toler Lane to Gilman Avenue is about three-quarters done.

When completed, the buildings from Highway 395 to Ezell Street will be removed from the flood way.

“This work will provide for the future project at the Gardnerville station drainage, and the Toler and 395 culvert to be installed once funding is identified,” Dallaire said.

According to Dallaire, 17,000 cubic yards of material was removed from the Hellwinkel site and moved to a pile north of Zerolene Lane for work on The Ranch at Gardnerville.

“This saved roughly 1,300 future truck trips through Chichester Estates, which would have delivered the structural fill,” he said.

Trucks have been transporting that fill over the past two months across Gillman Avenue.

“All the disturbed area will be seeded and hydro mulched,” he said.

Dallaire said that once the trail is mulched and seeded, he’s asking residents to stay out of the area and keep their pets leashed, so the seed has a chance to grow.

“Walking, running or kids or dogs running in the these areas will make the mulch decompose early and allow seeds to blow away,” he said. “The disturbed area, once grasses are growing again, will be open in the spring. We will be asking users of the trail to stay to the trail.”