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Wood, trailer stolen from businesses

by Amy Alonzo

Wood studs worth about $1,500 were reported stolen on Monday from Walley’s Hot Springs Resort.

One hundred 2-inch by 6-inch and 100 2-inch by 4-inch wood studs are missing from the resort, located on Foothill Road in Genoa.

A woman staying at the resort said that at about 9 p.m. Sunday four trucks entered a construction site on the resort’s property. Two homes were being built on the site, but the unfinished frames had blown down in a recent windstorm.

The woman said numerous people with flashlights loaded the wood into the trucks, then fled the scene quickly.

The trucks were last seen heading north on Foothill Drive.

■ A flatbed trailer was reported stolen last week from Home Depot.

A Tarter Gate West 5-foot by 10-foot flatbed trailer was stolen sometime between the night of Feb. 14 and the morning of Feb. 15 from the business, located on Jacks Valley Road.

The trailer was locked with a steel cable and kept on the side of the building. The cable appeared to be cut through with a grinder.

The trailer is valued at $800 and the cable that was cut is valued at $600.