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Women face charges for diverting narcotics

Two Gardnerville Ranchos women admitted on Tuesday to diverting narcotics at their jobs.

A woman is facing up to five years in prison after she admitted to stealing narcotics from the Gardnerville pharmacy where she worked.

Ashley Erika Trumpower, 29, reportedly stole 2,000 pills between Jan. 1 and June 13, when an audit revealed the missing drugs.

Trumpower told investigators she was using the pills to control her back pain, because she couldn’t afford a doctor, according to court documents.

After the shortage was discovered, a video camera was set up and Trumpower could allegedly be seen taking pills out of a tray and putting them in her pocket.

Among the pills were several different doses of hydrocodone, and some oxycodone.

She is scheduled to appear for sentencing on a felony theft charge on Jan. 24.

Amy Lynn Cole, 47, pleaded no contest to being under the influence of a controlled substance, and is seeking deferral in her case.

Cole was a nurse at Carson Valley Medical Center when an audit revealed morphine in her care had gone missing.

As part of her deferral, Cole will be under the supervision of the Nevada State Nursing Board.