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Woman who stole from mom admitted to diversion program

Staff reports

A 37-year-old woman who admitted running up a $2,141.32 bill on her mother’s credit card was granted permission Monday to participate in a diversion program which, if successful, means she won’t have a felony on her record.

Amelia Adair pleaded guilty to fraudulent use of a credit card, which carried a penalty of up to four years in prison and a $5,000 fine plus restitution.

Adair, who has a history of alcohol- and drug-related offenses, admitted using the card between March 1-20 without permission.

The victim testified that she had replaced a lost credit card, but decided not to activate the new one. She said she was contacted by the card’s fraud division that there had been suspicious charges.

The victim said she confronted her daughter who admitted using the card.

The woman said her daughter was unwelcome in her home.

“We’ve lost trust with her with all the stories, lies and manipulation,” the victim said.

District Judge Michael Gibbons ordered Adair to remain in custody until she appears May 20 in drug court, and is assigned to an in-patient treatment facility.

“It’s difficult for your mother to come here under these conditions,” Gibbons told Adair. “You’re never going to be able to deal with any of it until you get clean. You have a chance to avoid a felony conviction. If you fail drug court, you go to prison.”

He ordered her to pay restitution and begin attending a 12-step program.

Adair was most recently in custody last year following multiple probation violations on a drunk-driving conviction.