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Woman who jumped deputy sent to mental health court

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A 38-year-old Reno woman who wrestled a Douglas County deputy to the ground was sentenced to probation Tuesday with the condition that she follow all the rules of Washoe County Mental Health Court.

District Judge Dave Gamble ordered Rosalie Benvin to remain in custody until Friday when she is transported by Douglas County deputies to court in Reno.

Gamble suspended a one-year sentence in Douglas County Jail as long as Benvin follows the terms of probation.

“Punishment of a year in jail would be absolutely appropriate for this offense,” Gamble said. “There is no justification for this crime – whether there are mental health issues or not. I don’t want to appear to be making light of it by the referral to mental health court.”

Benvin was arrested Feb. 8 near Carson Valley Middle School in Gardnerville after witnesses said she was yelling at students who were leaving campus after dismissal.

When a Douglas County deputy responded and asked Benvin what she was doing, she punched him the eye and tried to reach for his weapon. In the ensuing scuffle, she wrestled the deputy to the ground. It took three passers-by to pull her off and she finally was subdued by Taser.

“My intention in sentencing Ms. Benvin to mental health court is to prevent this from happening again, to see if she can get her life stabilized,” Gamble said.

As conditions of her probation, Benvin was ordered to take all prescribed medication and abstain from alcohol.

She is subject to unannounced search and seizure for alcohol, illegal controlled substances and weapons.

“I really wish you well,” Gamble said. “This is the best opportunity for you to get long-term help and get back in touch with your daughter.”

— Roderick Angus MacLeod, 20, who stole a U-Haul truck last summer and led deputies on a two-county, high-speed chase was sentenced Tuesday to probation after completing six months in a regimental discipline program.

“The last time I saw you, I didn’t think you had much chance to become a regular adult human being,” District Judge Dave Gamble said.

In October, Gamble sentenced MacLeod to 190 days in the Nevada Department of Corrections program in Indian Springs. Preliminary reports indicated MacLeod was having difficulty adjusting and he was almost kicked out.

But boot camp officials said his behavior changed about six weeks ago and he completed the program with honors.

Gamble congratulated MacLeod “for showing us that sometimes our programs work,” and encouraged him to keep up the positive behavior.

“Sometimes the change in life that takes place is really good till you walk out that door a relatively free man,” Gamble said. “The old things can suck you in and you turn into no-brain vegetable matter that steals cars, hides in the bushes and leads police on a high-speed chase.”

According to reports, on Aug. 17, MacLeod stole a 24-foot U-Haul truck from a Carson City dealership and led deputies on a high-speed chase up Highway 50 toward Lake Tahoe. A 20-year-old passenger jumped from the vehicle before MacLeod headed up Highway 50. The busy route between Carson City and Lake Tahoe was closed for several hours as officers searched for MacLeod who abandoned the truck. He was spotted hiding under a bush by a Glenbrook homeowner.

Gamble sentenced MacLeod to 48 months in Nevada State Prison with a minimum of 12 months, suspended, and placed him on five years’ probation.

He is subject to random search and seizure for stolen property, contraband, weapons, alcohol, and controlled substances. He is forbidden to have alcohol or weapons.

MacLeod must undergo counseling for substance abuse and ordered to attend 90 12-step programs in 90 days. After that, he must attend at least one meeting a week and obtain a sponsor within 30 meetings.

He is forbidden to have contact with Michael Mitchell, the passenger in the U-Haul.

“I have given you a series of difficult tasks,” Gamble said. “I want you to succeed. If it gets tempting to go back to what you were doing, remember you will owe me a year.”