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Woman to be tried in hit-and-run of boyfriend

by F.T. Norton

A Carson City woman will be tried on charges she ran down her boyfriend after a dispute in September, a judge determined Friday.

Following a three-hour preliminary hearing, Judge Tom Armstrong determined there was enough evidence to bind Crystal Trujillo over to District Court on charges of attempted murder with the use of a deadly weapon and leaving the scene of an accident involving injury or death.

On Sept. 22, Trujillo, 26, allegedly ran over her boyfriend Shiloh Richards, 30, after the two argued inside her vehicle on Steamboat Drive and Richards got out to walk.

Witness Chris Gravenstein testified Friday that he watched as Trujillo carried Richards on the hood of her 1997 Toyota Camry from the sidewalk into the street and then ran over him when he slid off.

“The initial hit that I saw was more like a bump and he was turning as if he didn’t know the car was there and that’s how he originally got nudged out. As he got closer to the curb he was actually facing the vehicle and when the vehicle obviously ran over him he fell straight back,” said Gravenstein.

Gravenstein noted photos given to him by District Attorney Neil Rombardo showed Richards handprints in the dirt on the hood of the car.

He said when he ran to Richards aid he saw tire marks on Richards’ shirtless chest. Gravenstein said Richards was unconscious and his head bloodied.

Gravenstein said Trujillo sped away south on Fairview Drive.

Property manager of Trujillo’s rental home Barbara Andrade said four days after the incident she went to the house to change the locks. Andrade said Trujillo was inside and motioned for her to come in and Andrade did.

“What was the first thing she said to you,” asked Rombardo.

“She goes, ‘I’m so in trouble,'” said Andrade, describing Trujillo as “so emotional.”

Andrade said Trujillo showed her a hole in the wall where she claimed Richards had “bashed her head,” blood spots on the carpet in the bedroom which Trujillo indicated Richards caused and cuts on her thighs which Trujillo said Richards inflicted upon her.

Andrade said after that conversation, “The papers lied. I did not back over him. I hit him, he fell off the car and I kept going.”

While the two were talking deputies arrived and arrested Trujillo, said Andrade.

When Richard’s sister Taneha Richards took the stand, Rombardo handed Defense Attorney Noel Waters photos of Richards in the hospital. At the sight of them Trujillo laid her head on the defense table and sobbed loudly prompting Armstrong to call for a recess.

When court resumed, Taneha Richards looked at those same photos and identified them as being pictures of her brother in the hospital.

She said in one picture, a bandage on his head reads, “no bone.”

She explained about another that a hose coming out of her brother’s head was to “drain hemorrhaging from the brain,” and about a third pictures she said, “That’s where (doctors) cut his skull open to remove the bone.”

“Have you been able to talk to your brother,” asked Rombardo.

“Well I can talk to him, he can’t talk to me,” she said.

Trujillo will be arraigned in District Court on Nov. 29. She faces two to 20 years on the attempted murder charge, one to 20 on the deadly weapon charge and one to 15 for leaving the scene.