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Woman sentenced for purse snatching

by Merrie Leininger

A Stateline woman sobbed Monday as she was given a suspended prison sentence and one year in jail by Douglas County District Court Judge Michael Gibbons after she admitted taking a purse from a woman who was waiting for a bus at a casino in August.

Patricia Geyer, 41, pleaded guilty to the category B felony after the victim, a visitor to Harrah’s Hotel and Casino, identified Geyer in a photo line-up.

Geyer’s father, Lloyd Ewing, traveled from Montana to testify that his daughter had a serious drug problem and had been clean while attending a drug program and living with him two years ago.

“She was a beautiful young lady, a good mother and a good person, until drugs got involved,” he said. He told the judge Geyer started drugs after her mother died. “It created a big emptiness.”

The judge recommended after her release she return to live with her father.

Geyer, who has already spent 49 days in Douglas County Jail, told the judge she was sorry.

“I am very remorseful and very sorry. I never intended to hurt anybody and I wish I could take it back,” she said.

Judge Gibbons told her she would definitely have prison time had she used a weapon instead of just pointing her finger under her jacket.

“If you had a weapon, you would be in prison for a long time, but people around you didn’t know you didn’t have a gun and could have reacted with force and people could have gotten hurt,” Gibbons said.

He gave her a two-to-five year suspended prison sentence. He also ordered Geyer get a drug evaluation, attend at least two Narcotics Anonymous meetings a week and undergo counseling in jail. After her release, she must enter an inpatient treatment program and stay on house arrest for six months. Following that, she will be on probation for at least five years.

While on probation, Geyer must submit to search and seizure for controlled substances, alcohol, drug paraphernalia or stolen property. She must perform 100 hours of community service or make a donation to Family Support Council. She must pay $695 in restitution to the victim within 18 months of her release and write a letter of apology.

“This is a very serious crime and I think you are getting both punishment and rehabilitation at the same time. If you want to go back to drugs, I think that will show you don’t care about anything but yourself and the court will have no more concern for you and will put in into prison,” Gibbons said.