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Woman seeks safer crossing for Genoa Lane

Genoa Town Manager JT Chevalier helps Christina Knittel with her illustration of a plan to make the intersection at Highway 395 and Genoa Lane safer.
Kurt Hildebrand

A Genoa woman is hoping to make turning onto Highway 395 from Genoa Lane a little bit safer.

Christina Knittel isn’t looking for a traffic light, but would like to see acceleration lanes installed in both the north and southbound directions of the highway.

Knittel spoke during public comment at the Genoa Town Board on Wednesday.

She said that both she and her husband have been involved in collisions at the intersection.

According to the Nevada Department of Transportation, that section of Highway 395 sees around 30,000 vehicles a day traveling at 65 mph.

She pointed out that even turning south on Highway 395 is a challenge, made more difficult when there is more than one vehicle at the intersection.

“Everyone here is familiar with the intersection of Genoa Lane and Highway 395,” she said. “There are many dangerous things going on at the same time there.”

She said that both she and her husband have been involved in minor collisions at the intersection.

“It’s dangerous to turn right to go from stop to accelerate because traffic is going 65 mph,” she said. “It’s hard to see if there are two cars, you just can’t see. If there’s a car turning right, you can’t see anything. It’s a miracle there aren’t more accidents at this intersection.”

She said she feels like she’s the frog in the old Frogger arcade game when trying to make a left onto Highway 395.

“Jokes aside, there are a lot of things going on there,” she said. “Say you get to the median, who can see the traffic going north from the median?”

She pointed out that during Candy Dance, when the NHP controls traffic on 395 at Genoa Lane, is the only time she feels safe using the intersection.

“There’s some really superficial improvements they could do that don’t require a light,” she said, suggesting acceleration lanes going both north and south.

“That mitigates a whole lot of issues,” she said. “I propose that as the No. 1 solution, it’s not hard and it’s not a light. I think it will increase safety there.”

Both routes are state highways. The Genoa Town Board may discuss the issue at their September meeting.