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Woman has to repay $13,000

by Christy Chalmers

A former Minden McDonald’s worker who took more than $13,000 in restaurant money was put on probation Tuesday and warned that any lapses will mean up to four years in prison.

District Judge Dave Gamble also ordered Amy Dione Moore, 25, to repay the money, sell a car she bought with the stolen proceeds and warn her employers of the felony grand theft conviction now on her record as a result of the caper.

Moore and two friends, Jill Kronenberg, 18, and Joseph Barnes III, 19, went on a three-state shopping spree in May. Before the incident, Moore had worked at McDonald’s and was responsible for making bank drops.

Moore left work one day in late May with a bank bag and, as she had before, stopped by her home with the money before going to the bank.

There she met Kronenberg and Barnes, who reportedly encouraged her to leave with the money. She agreed but first returned to the restaurant to get another bank bag.

Court records say the trio went to California and bought clothes and a car. They eventually parted ways in Phoenix, Ariz., where Kronenberg and Barnes took $3,800 and left Moore with $200. She called local authorities and turned herself in.

Moore said nothing during her sentencing hearing. Her attorney, Nathan Tod Young, urged Gamble to suspend prison time and let Moore repay her debts. She is reportedly working two full-time jobs.

Gamble suspended a one- to four-year prison sentence but imposed a long list of probation terms Moore must meet for the next five years. They include repaying the $13,697 taken from McDonald’s, selling the car purchased with some of the money, keeping a full-time job, completing 100 hours of community service, staying on house arrest for nine months, undergoing an evaluation for drug and alcohol abuse and submitting to random searches for stolen property and controlled substances.

Moore also must pay $984, the cost of returning her from Arizona.

“You will either pay this money back or you will go to prison,” said Gamble. “You will decide whether you do prison time or you don’t.”

The other suspects, Kronenberg and Barnes, have pleaded guilty to gross misdemeanor charges of conspiracy to commit theft. They are scheduled to be sentenced Aug. 17.