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Woman going to prison for stolen checks


A woman who was involved with the stealing and cashing of checks stolen from mailboxes in Topaz Ranch Estate will be spending some time in prison.

Allison MeGee, 42, was taken into custody Tuesday for two counts of uttering a forged instrument and is facing prison time of 12-30 months on count one and 12-30 months on count two, which means she will serve a minimum of 24 months before she is eligible for parole.

During the period of April 11-13, deputies took at least four reports from Topaz Ranch Estates stating that their checks were not making it to their destinations.

MeGee said she was part of a conspiracy of people who were stealing the checks and cashing them, she was not the only one.

“She had several chances to tell law enforcement about the crime,” said Judge Tod Young. “Instead, she is trying to share the blame and act like a victim herself”

According to the statements, people in the area are now afraid to use the mail system and one man not only lost money but he lost time and gas driving around unraveling the confusion of why his checks were missing and not arriving at their destinations.

“I’ve committed some crimes in the past and I’ve tried to seek help, but I can’t do it on my own,” said MeGee. “I also want to apologize to the victims and hope they can forgive me.”

Austin Taggard, 20, pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell. On March 12, Taggard was arrested for 1 gram of hash oil and one pound of marijuana with intent to sell.

“I must plead guilty to this,” said Taggard. “I want to change my ways and pleading guilty of the crime will allow me to do that.”

Sentencing is set for Jan. 3, 2017.

Michael Cobb, 35, was sentenced for resisting a public officer with a firearm which is being treated as a gross misdemeanor.

According to police reports there was never a threat with the firearm, but a delayed will to comply. Cobb received a DUI five years ago and a domestic violence charge in December 2015.

“I’m not a troublemaker, this was an isolated situation that escalated quickly,” said Cobb. “I’ve done everything in my power to abide by the courts recommendations and requirements, I’m doing everything I can to put this behind me.

Cobb was ordered to pay $150 in court fees, 100 hours of community service and probation not to exceed four years. He has credit for four days served in Douglas County jail.

“It was drunk and stupid,” said Young. “It’s a credit to those officers that you are not dead. Those officers saved your life, not you.”

Garrett Hoffman, 43, is facing a driving under the influence charge of a controlled substance with a prior category B felony conviction,

He pleaded guilty and sentencing is set for Jan. 3, 2017.

Tyler Christy, 24, was sentenced for a gross misdemeanor charge for possession of a dangerous weapon.

Christy had brass knuckles he received from his grandfather and said the only reason he had it in his possession was because he was moving his belongings from one place to another.

“Don’t violate laws,” said Young. “You have choices, make good ones.”

Christy has 1 day credit in Douglas County jail and was granted probation on the condition that no laws are broken.