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Woman faces third week in jail on warrant

Staff Reports

A woman who spent the last two weeks in Douglas County jail on a fugitive warrant out of New Orleans told Justice of the Peace Tom Perkins she wouldn’t survive another week.

Perkins told Sarah Lyman, 36, he would give the state a week to produce evidence that New Orleans intended to extradite Lyman.

Perkins said Lyman has a right to an attorney, but has to hire one at her own expense.

He said she has the right to file a writ in district court that would force Louisiana authorities to provide evidence that she should be held.

“The statute allows you to be held for 60 days, but I’m giving the state a week to provide evidence the state of Louisiana intends to extradite you. We need more than a telephone call.”

That wasn’t sufficient for Lyman, who said she wasn’t eating.

“I can’t survive another week in jail,” she said.

She told Perkins she talked to her ex-husband who she said filed the charges, and he doesn’t want her in jail.

Perkins suggested her ex-husband tell that to the Louisiana authorities.