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Woman dies at baseball game

Staff reports

A Carson City woman died Sunday afternoon while watching a baseball game at Lampe Park.

Douglas County Sheriff’s Sgt. Lance Modispacher identified the woman as Norma Anne Brown, 60. He said no autopsy had been done as of Monday, but the death is thought to involve natural causes.

“We’re 99 percent sure it was a heart attack,” said Modispacher.

Autopsies are generally done with unattended deaths, in which a cause of death is not obvious. The autopsy can give investigators a conclusive cause of death.

Witness Joe Nosenzo, who was directing the U.S. Open baseball tournament that concluded Sunday, said Brown had attended several games during the tournament’s 10-day run.

Nosenzo said another spectator contacted him with concerns that Brown had not moved for a long period of time.

“She looked like she was just kind of snoozing. I didn’t really think anything of it,” said Nosenzo. “We walked over and I kind of shook her shoulder and whispered in her ear, and we realized there was a problem.”

A park ranger immediately started cardiopulmonary resuscitation efforts while another called for paramedics. The game, a divisional final between the San Francisco Angels and the Sacramento Athletics, was suspended for about 50 minutes.

Modispacher said Brown was taken to Carson Valley Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.

Nosenzo said fans and players were shaken by the incident.

“I looked up and there were about a dozen players kneeling and saying a prayer,” he said. “Everybody was just kind of really hoping that she would start breathing again.”

The Angels eventually went on to win the game and advance to the championship game, where they defeated the Sacramento Cardinals.