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Woman admitted to drug court

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A 41-year-old Carson City woman with a prior felony for drug possession was admitted Monday to drug court and advised to continue her progress in rehabilitation.

District Judge Michael Gibbons allowed Tammy Laurene Davis to participate in Western Regional Drug Court and deferred sentencing for possession of methamphetamine.

She was arrested in December 2010 after a Douglas County deputy found her asleep in her vehicle.

Davis has a felony conviction in Carson City also for drug possession.

Her lawyer, Derrick Lopez, said the two arrests were close together when Davis “was still behaving like an addict.”

She had failures to appear in court, and lost her Carson City deferral which resulted in one felony on her record.

Davis has spent five weeks in the Step II treatment program in Reno.

“In Step II, she has isolated herself from her Carson City contacts,” Lopez said. “She is doing very well. She is serious about wanting to be sober.”

He said Davis has the option of living at Step II for another six months to one year.

“She doesn’t plan to come back to Carson City,” Lopez said. “She hopes to relocate to Texas where she has family support and doesn’t have the same connection to methamphetamine.”

She was ordered into Step II by Carson City drug court.

“I have no intention of ever using again,” Davis said Monday. “I pretty much destroyed my life and I’m rebuilding it.”

In granting the diversion, Gibbons said Step II and drug court were two of the most rigorous programs available for drug rehabilitation.

“The court doesn’t see any downside in giving you a chance to rehabilitate yourself,” he said. “If you fail, you’ll have a second felony on your record and you’ll be in worse shape. You have a second chance. You could earn an honorable discharge, you could even seek to have your record sealed with a felony conviction.”

He ordered her to successfully complete the drug diversion program, maintain full-time education or employment and abstain from all drugs and alcohol. Davis must stay out of bars and casinos and satisfy any outstanding arrest warrants.

“Stay away from anybody else who is a drug user,” Gibbons said. “You don’t want to drink alcohol. It could weaken your resistance.”

Her probation is not to exceed three years.