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WNCC enrollment up

Joyce Hollister

Enrollment at Western Nevada Community College is up 25 percent in Douglas County, for the most part due to the opening of the first Douglas campus building, Bently Hall.

“I don’t think that’s the only thing,” campus dean Bus Scharmann said. “I think it is also due to the huge awareness in the community. The community has been tremendous.”

Enrollment is up about 8 percent college-wide. The Douglas numbers are 170 full-time student equivalent (FTE) as of Oct. 15, 1997, compared to 128 FTE for the same date in 1996.

That translates to some 400 students attending part-time in Douglas County.

Scharmann said that the Douglas Academic Advisory Committee made up of Douglas County residents has also had an impact. Thanks to research and work by subcommittees of the advisory group, the new certificate of completion program was put into place and drew much interest this semester.

Scharmann attributed the smooth transition into the new Douglas campus to tireless efforts by WNCC Douglas office manager Diane Nungary.

The new building opened two weeks after the semester started, and so classes which had been scheduled for the new building were held in rented space in Gardnerville as well as at Douglas High School.

“Diane did a tremendous job throughout the move and everything that has happened here,” he said. “We had some senior citizens who got a little nervous about where their classes were to be held. They talked to Diane and she got things on track for them.”

Scharmann said the first semester at the new building is “going just great. Our schedule is in for the spring semester and we should have it published by the first of November.”

People interested in learning about what is in the spring schedule may stop by the campus at 1680 Bently Parkway S., off Buckeye Road in Minden after Nov. 1. Schedules will be in the mail around Thanksgiving.

“Another thing that has really helped out enrollment has been our interactive video. We’re bringing in more classes on video,” Scharmann said.

The interactive video setup is at Douglas High school and high school students as well as adults can take a variety of classes that are brought in from other campuses, notably from the main WNCC campus in Carson City.

Eventually an interactive video lab will be installed at the new WNCC Douglas campus.

Scharmann said full-time instructors Leonard Mackey (computers) and Shelly Trusty-Murphy (English) are keeping busy with a full load, and full-time instructors from the Carson City campus are bringing more math, science and social science classes to Douglas as well.

Coming up next semester is an international management class. Eric Sturgess, who has a master’s degree in business management, will teach the course, which is designed to helped business owners and others learn how to get into international markets.

In addition, some education classes are being taught.

The strength in Douglas, Scharmann said, is the liberal arts area. Students who wish to earn their associate of arts degree in liberal arts may take almost all the necessary courses at Bently Hall and at Douglas High, where classes continue to be held in the evenings, and not have to travel to Carson City.

Scharmann hopes that soon students will not have to travel to Carson City at all for to earn their AA degree.

“We’re getting close,” he said.

Computer classes at WNCC Douglas are especially popular, he added.

Financial aid advisor Gary Wyatt will meet with students at WNCC Douglas to talk about ways to finance their education, and coordinator of counseling Dennis Hull, who lives in Gardnerville, will also meet with students to map out a student’s course of study.

To make appointments with Wyatt or Hull, call the WNCC Douglas office manager Diane Nungary at 782-2413.