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Withdrawl of opposition to gravel pit proposal not an endorsement

The view of East Valley from the entrance to the Douglas County Sewer District No. 1's property in the Pine Nut Mountains.


What: Douglas County Planning Commission

When: 1 p.m. Nov. 10

Where: Douglas County Courthouse, 1616 Eighth St.

A letter withdrawing opposition to a proposed gravel pit shouldn’t be interpreted as actually supporting the proposal, the developer of Grandview Douglas said in a letter to The Record-Courier on Wednesday.

Steve Mothersell said an article appearing in the Oct. 28 edition of the newspaper left readers believing he now supports the project.

“Your article … leaves your readers believing that dropping Grandview Ranch LLC’s appeal, as well as our opposition to the Douglas County Sewer District’s proposal for a gravel mining, concrete and asphalt batch plant is actually support for their proposal,” he wrote. “This is not the case.”

Mothersell said the withdrawal of Grandview’s opposition based on a new haul route should not be viewed as support for the proposal or his endorsement of it.

“It is my position, as well as GVR’s position, that The Douglas County Planning Commission and Douglas County Board of Commissioners should make their decisions on DCSID’s proposal based upon the merits (or lack thereof) of the proposal, as well as its consistency with the county’s master plan, its goals and objectives.”

Opponents to the project have said they will continue to fight it. Douglas County Sewer District No. 1 is scheduled to appear at the Nov. 10 meeting of the Douglas County Planning Commission with its new route, crossing Bently property.

An original route passing through Minden and Gardnerville neighborhoods was approved by planning commissioners last year, but had to be approved as part of a gravel mining permit by Douglas County commissioners.

Rather than going to commissioners, the sewer district came up with a new route they are bringing to the county.

The proposal generated an election campaign type opposition, complete with political signs and a website.

Grandview Estates is a project at the corner of East Valley Road and Stockyard, which will be the main route into the 1,001 acres the sewer district has in the Pine Nuts. The site isn’t visible from East Valley Road, but gravel trucks will pass near Grandview.