Winter workout |

Winter workout

by Karen Brier

It’s dark out there. That’s because it’s 5:30 in the morning and I’m on my way to work out. Also traveling the dark roads every morning is neighbor Katie McClosky from over on Pinto. She and her daughter and 20 other brave souls drag in, sans makeup, hats over our bed hair, to the Kaia FIT program at least four days a week. I’ve just finished a five week core program, which is a functional intensive training” workout. Yes, it was difficult, but not impossible. I’m happy to say that I survived the session with no injuries, lost 8 pounds and two pants sizes.

Katie and her daughter love the program which is held at the Tumbleweeds gym at Airport Road. The part I love is the other women who go there. They are supportive and fun which makes getting up at 5 a.m. to go workout just about bearable.

I tried the program a year ago, but didn’t keep up with it. This year I saw a core session in the silent auction at the Bunko for Breast Cancer benefit. That gift certificate, donated by Nikki Warren, owner and trainer, seemed to be my sign that it was time to do something about the pounds I’ve packed on in the last few years.

I’m so glad I did. I’ve gotten to know Nikki and several of the other coaches. Darnette, Megan, Carrie and Emily have all helped me find the balance version of the workouts. Balance is the best part of the program for me, because there are three levels for each exercise. And since even the balance level was tough for me the first few weeks, they all took the time to help me find ways I could exercise. I learned to work my own hard so I could get in better shape without hurting myself. I’m going to sign up for the next five weeks, but I could definitely use a workout buddy from the neighborhood who wants to car pool. Hint. Hint.

This time of year it is particularly important to kick up your exercise or you risk the typical Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year 20-pound weight gain.

While looking for something to do closer to home, I met another neighbor, Jerry Spivey from Buckskin when I checked out the Paleo Boot Camp on Southgate. I am working with owner and trainer Rob Resnick to learn the ropes. Literally, learn the ropes, in fact. Like many boot camps, thick ropes, big tires and boxes for jumping are scattered around the room.

As I was pushing the grid-iron around the floor at Boot Camp last week, I realized that I really was getting stronger. Exercise is only part of it. Rob has a sign posted on his wall “No workout can compensate for a poor diet.” He recommends the Paleo diet to everyone. It must be working because otherwise, I can’t explain how 8 pounds is two pants sizes. Did I mention I was down two pants sizes?

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