Winner of Howard Stern Show contest dies before claiming prize |

Winner of Howard Stern Show contest dies before claiming prize

by Griffin Rogers

An 86-year-old Illinois man, and alleged winner of the “Get My Grandpa Laid” Howard Stern Show contest, died after choking on a piece of meat in Harveys on Thursday night.

Johnny Orris was pronounced dead about 8:30 p.m. at Barton Hospital after choking during dinner at the Sage Room Steakhouse, according to Lt. Pete Van Arnum of the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office.

Orris was allegedly having dinner with his grandson, Ed, before driving back to Moonlite Bunny Ranch — the business working with the Howard Stern Show for the contest — to claim his prize, brothel owner Dennis Hof said.

“He talked about how it was the greatest day of his life,” Hof said, “and how he never thought he’d be having sex again.”

“He said ‘before I do this, I want to have a big steak’,” Hof added.

Orris’ grandson attempted the Heimlich maneuver several times without success when his grandfather started choking, Van Arnum said. Emergency personnel were called, but attempts to resuscitate Orris were also unsuccessful.

Harveys declined to comment on this story.

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office is waiting to conduct an autopsy before stating the official cause of death, Van Arnum said.

Hof said he was “shocked” to hear of Orris’ death when Ed returned to the Bunny Ranch later that night. He gave Ed his grandfather’s free pass.