Winhaven hydrants and curbs get new coat of paint |

Winhaven hydrants and curbs get new coat of paint

Staff Reports
Minden Town Maintenance Supervisor Dan Kistler with Carole Freeman and Sharon McBryde from the Winhaven Home Owner's Association.

The Winhaven Home Owner’s Association recently painted all the fire hydrants and curbs within the development to aid in fire response.

All 23 fire hydrants were painted “chrome yellow,” as required by the National Fire Protection Association.

The color allows firefighters a better chance to locate the hydrants at night as well as during the day.

District Fire Chief Tod Carlini said the district and in this case the Town of Minden do try to keep up with maintenance on all the fire hydrants it just isn’t possible on an annual basis.

Carlini expressed his sincere appreciation to the Winhaven Home Owner’s Association for their effort and to the Town of Minden for the materials.

“When we all work together, we can accomplish a lot,” he said.