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Wily pup nabbed with love

by Kurt Hildebrand

People had been reporting seeing the dog slinking around the Carson Valley Plaza for nearly a week.

Animal Control officers had gotten three to four calls a day for the dog, who was surviving on what she could snatch from mall garbage cans.

“People at the construction site reported she was there,” said Animal Control Officer Nancee Goldwater. “She was hanging around the backside of Wal-Mart where the employees tried to catch her.”

But on Dec. 3, Angel the Aussie shepherd’s freedom came to an abrupt end when hunger overcame her fear of humans and she walked into a trap. Goldwater said a trap was placed on the hill for the better part of a week, but Angel was too wily to be caught in it.

However, after moving the trap to a trail the dog appeared to be using and watching from Fuji Park in Carson City through binoculars, Goldwater finally had her dog.

“I watched her for an hour going closer and closer to it until she grabbed the food and backed out. I was shaking, I was so anxious for her to go in and then finally the trap door closed.”

Angel can’t tell her own story, but Goldwater said she was terrified of people.

“I don’t know if she was abused,” Goldwater said. “But she’s coming around very fast. I sat down and she was immediately in my lap and I started crying. She let me take her out and brush her on Saturday.”

Angel will be looking for a home soon, Goldwater said. Anyone interested in adopting her should call 782-9061.