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Wildrose residents pan speed humps

Speed hump on Wildrose Avenue.
Kurt Hildebrand |

Residents likened the noise coming from a speed hump located on Wildrose Avenue near Second Street like that from a rumble strip along the highway.

Two-thirds of the residents between Second Street and the town boundary signed a petition, which had 13 signatures, to have the bump removed.

“It’s not just the whump, whump,” Wildrose resident Frances Pedrorena said. “But they slow down when they get to it and then accelerate. I would almost rather put up with the speeding than the noise from the speed hump.”

On Wednesday night, Minden Town Board members agreed with residents.

Former Wildrose resident Bill Souligny pointed out that the town worked with the county for some time to allow the town to make decisions on traffic control within its boundaries.

The battle to reduce the number of speeders on Wildrose has gone on for two years and has been the subject of a dozen public meetings.

As part of the county code to give the town decisions about its streets, the town had to agree to be bound by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Because the street doesn’t have sidewalks, and it’s being used as a way to avoid making a left turn onto Highway 395, residents sought a lower speed limit and more stop signs.

According to an engineering analysis conducted by the town, the speed table has reduced the number of speeders by half, from 8-10 percent to 3-4 percent.

Prior to the installation of the speed hump, the top speed recorded on the street was 65 mph. Town Manager Jenifer Davidson said the device would be removed when staff had time.

At one time Wildrose ended behind the Stratton Center. Traffic on the street increased when it was completed through to Spruce Street.

Town Board member and Minden native Matt Bernard said he doubted any traffic engineer would permit it, but turning Wildrose back into a cul de sac would stop the issue.