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Wild horses debate comes here

Keeping track of the issues in the debate over treatment of wild horses is like keeping track of … well, wild horses.

The debate has returned to Douglas County along with a band of horses.

At issue here is that the horses have wandered away from their management area located in the Pine Nuts 10 miles north of Fish Springs.

It happens every three or four years, and if they just came down and ate, and stood in fields looking pretty, that would be pretty cool.

But they’re herd animals and part of their process is to bring other horses, those that belong to people, into the fold.

Officials from the Bureau of Land Management say they’ve received a handful of complaints from residents about the horses.

We heard one resident describe her troubles with this band of horses on Wednesday night during a meeting designed to work out what to do about them.

A handful of complaints does not represent a majority of the residents in Fish Springs, but it does represent a problem for the Bureau of Land Management.

But having the horses in the neighborhood poses problems for both human and equine.

We were intrigued by the suggestion that a horse management area could be created east of the community. That would have to happen during the revision of the BLM’s regional plan for the Pine Nuts, which would provide for several opportunities for public input.

The suggestion to expand the area is one that needs to be explored with residents, not just of Fish Springs, but all along the Pine Nuts’ west slope.