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Where there’s a will, there’s a power of attorney

by Ron Walker

When I was born, President Herbert Hoover was in the White House. Orllyene entered the world when FDR was in his second term. I have lived a life as a gardener, ballet dancer, Naval Officer, and retiree. Time to make a will.

I consult our son Randy, a proficient businessman and discuss the matter with him. He suggests we try to find an attorney who will do the will on a “pro-bono” basis. (we are not impoverished, but in my later years, a “Silicon Valley income” has eluded me).

Randy contacts Volunteer Attorneys for Rural Nevada. I receive a call from Margarita Bautista, a very kind and caring person. She requests my financial information, which I supply. She then submits the information to legal firms in the Carson City and Gardnerville area. In less than 10 days Allison MacKenzie, Attorneys & Counselors at Law in Carson City respond to my request. We are informed that Mr. Kyle Winter will be our attorney. Hooray!

The palatial lobby of Allison MacKenzie attests to the durability of the firm.

“Mr. Winter will be with you shortly,” a lovely, dignified woman (Sonja) informs Orllyene and me. She then leads us down a long hallway to a private meeting room. It contains a 4-by-6-foot oak table, nestled in among other, elegant oaken pieces. Orllyene and I leave the “head of the table” vacant. We are now alone, indisputably alone.

“Hello, I’m Kyle Winter. I’ll be your attorney,” the cheerful young gentleman says and sits down. I pass a ream of legal documents his way.He sifts through each item, makes notes and returns them. Mr. Winter has a neatly sheared, reddish beard and a “Global Warming” smile.

Every word he speaks is scrutinized until all three of us come to an understanding of clarity. We thumb through both Orllyene’s and my wills. They are exactly alike, since we have already decided on our intentions long before we sit down with Mr. Winter.

Within minutes, we have taken to addressing Mr. Winter as Kyle, not Mr. Winter. He is brilliantly intelligent and never condescending.

Randy has cautioned us to not take advantage of Mr. Winter’s time. After all, we are seeing him on a “pro-bono” basis, but a swelling of immediacy propels me to ask, “Is it possible to include a small monetary remembrance to each of our six grand-children and seven great-grandchildren in the will?”

“It’s very simple, it’s called a “right of representation, Kyle replies.”

Our wishes become a reality.

In less than an hour Kyle has winnowed the wheat from the chaff. Kyle hands us “Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions” papers to study before our final meeting.

An uneasiness enters my mind. I reach into my brief case, take out a copy of “The Inside Story.” “I’ve written a book” I sheepishly mention and hand it to him. He smiles and in his generous way says, “Will you sign it for me?” and both Orllyene and I scribble in a few words of gratitude.

They may not have wings but, Randy, Margarita, Sonja, Chris (Mr. Winter’s assistant), and Kyle are angels of uncommon kindness.

Ron Walker can be reached at walkover@gmx.com