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Where is Indian Hills?

by Christy Chalmers

Target’s new Carson City store is technically in the wrong place. But that isn’t stopping Target officials from touting it as a Carson City business – and Douglas leaders say they don’t really care.

The 124,000 square-foot store is being built at the corner of Highway 395 and Jacks Valley Road. Though that area has a Carson City mailing address, it’s actually a few hundred yards south of the Carson City line in Douglas County.

Still, advertisements and press releases consistently identify the store as being in Carson City.

Kristin Knach, a media liaison for Target, said it’s mainly due to the mailing address.

“The way we have it listed is it will be an additional Reno-area store,” she said, referring to the corporate structure at the company’s Minnesota headquarters.

Douglas officials are willing to overlook the semantics because they can already hear the ringing of cash registers.

“They can call themselves Reno for all I care, as long as Douglas County gets the benefit,” said County Commissioner Jacques Etchegoyhen.

“To me, the important factor is where the money will be spent, and that’s Douglas County,” agreed Commissioner Steve Weissinger.

“We know where it’s located,” said Commissioner Bernie Curtis.

A few leaders said Target officials should be apprised of the store’s physical address – but not too fervently.

“I know their mailing address is in Carson City, but they are a Douglas County business. I think if they’re in Douglas County, they ought to be proud of that,” said Commissioner Kelly Kite, whose district includes the Target site.

“I would prefer them to say Carson Valley, Carson Country, anything but Carson City,” said Dave Bolick, executive director of the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Authority.

“It would be nice to see them refer to it as being in Douglas County,” said County Manager Dan Holler. “One issue is you don’t want to confuse people, but on the other hand it would be nice to have Douglas County recognized.

“But it’s not a big issue as long as the department of taxation knows where the sales tax goes.”