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When luck changes

by Ron Walker

When Kim Aynedter signed on as a waitress at Horizon Casino in Lake Tahoe in 1998. Kim brought with her a lilting English accent, and a friendly and spontaneous personality. In a fast-moving environment like a casino, these attributes are cherished.

After a year of being a server, Kim became restless. All of her life she had an affinity for card playing and the thought of being a black jack dealer entered her mind. But how, she thought? She pondered and pondered, and then one day she marched right into Horizon’s top executive’s office. The man was suddenly faced by a frantic woman pleading to go to dealer’s school.

“I have always played cards; I love playing cards; playing cards in our family was a big event; and now it would be a dream come true to go to dealer’s school,” she said.

The executive capitulated, and she was allowed to go to dealer’s school.

After successfully completing her training, Kim takes her place among the low-end “21” tables. She enjoys being with people, her mind is sharp, and she has the job of her dreams. As she gains tenure (if there is such a thing in a casino) pit-bosses notice that Kim has very good luck. She frequently wins and, of course, she is playing for “the house.”

They bring Kim up from the “low end” tables, on specific occasions, to be the dealer where a player is having a long winning streak.

“Ron, once I was sitting across from a player with $100,000 on the table. My knees were shaking so badly I thought I would topple over,” Kim said. “Before long, everyone in our lounge knew me by name and pit bosses were giving me ‘high fives.’”

Then one day, she heard a voice in her head that said “I don’t want to play cards anymore.”

“It was as clear as it could be,” she said. “My luck then changed and the bosses and everyone ignored me. It was as if I didn’t exist anymore.”

This tale I’m telling is one I heard from Kim just a few nights ago at dinner. She and her husband, Karl, recently moved to Smith Valley. Kim is a woman who knows herself. Kim is a listener. She’s like a comet racing across the sky, sending out good vibes, and we are the recipients of her newly kindled good luck. It will be a long remembered tale.

Ron Walker can be reached at walkover@gmx.com