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Welcome the new year by walking off the holidays

by Amy Roby
Amy Roby

Welcome 2019! The year ahead is full of possibilities. This is a time of reflection and resolutions, of looking back over what the last year brought us, what we learned, and where we want to go from here.

Familiarly, I’m feeling the effects of holiday indulgence (viable clothing options in my closet have shrunk significantly since November) and have upped the distance of my daily walk. However, this doesn’t really feel like a resolution as much as a reinforcement of something I’m already doing.

Walking is a quick and effective way to get some exercise and enjoy the open space, and I often head out without much forethought or planning. There’s something magnificently convenient about stepping through my front door and into the fresh air at a moment’s notice.

One morning in mid-December, I woke up inspired to reconnect with a former neighbor whom I used to walk with every Christmas season. Each year we made a date to head out together and clock some miles while catching up on each other’s lives. Several years ago she moved to a different part of the valley and in the midst of holiday bustle and the busy-ness of daily life, our annual tradition faded away.

I called her first thing that morning and we made a plan to get together the following weekend. In the days beforehand, I was filled with giddy pleasure at the prospect of seeing her again and reviving our cherished yearly walk.

When the special day arrived, we enjoyed a heartfelt reunion filled with laughter, hugs, and a promise to meet again before the next holiday season rolls around.

That experience showed me something important.

Our reconnection was enhanced by the anticipation of it; the planning and looking forward to it, the remembering of times we shared and the excitement of reviving something that I didn’t realize how much I missed.

Anticipation is an art. I appreciate and embrace the immediacy of technology and the accessibility it affords us, but I also lose something valuable in my reliance on it.

It’s an amazing thing to reach out with a call or text at a moment’s notice, but there’s something to be said for having a plan ahead of time, too. I tend to take a more last-minute approach to things, whether it be a walk or what to have for dinner or weekend plans, and while this works occasionally, it diminishes the delight of expectation, of anticipating what’s to come.

So with that in mind, my resolution is to bring energy back to the art of anticipation. The coming year is sure to offer ample opportunities for mindful planning and forethought, and this in and of itself fills me with a sense of abundance and possibility.

Here’s to 2019; may it bring new insights and joys to us all.

Holiday tree recycling

Douglas Disposal is offering holiday tree recycling from next week (Jan. 7-11). That week, customers can place trees curbside next to their refuse on their regular collection day. Trees should be less than 6 feet in length (or cut to that specification) and free of decorations, nails, and flocking.

Through mid-January, trees also can be dropped off for recycling near the Douglas County Parks Division on the south side of Waterloo Lane in Gardnerville (across from Lampe Park). As previously noted, please ensure all decorations, nails, tinsel etc., are removed from your tree prior to drop off. Flocked trees are ineligible for recycling.

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