Wedding encourages look toward old friends |

Wedding encourages look toward old friends

This dispatch is originating in South Jersey. The heat is stifling, the air heavy with moisture. An unruly mob is forming at the Dairy Queen. Fortunately, I’m safely behind a computer in a deliciously cool library.

Henry, Tessa, Orllyene and I have just returned from an outing at a diner. A diner is an encyclopedia for food. The dessert choices were four kinds of cheese cake, a mountainous chocolate cake, éclairs, cupcakes, cookies and assorted ice creams. I have become a convert of diner dining.

Our accommodations are palatial. The open floor plan gives us a panoramic view of the Great Egg Harbor River. We have a bedroom, bath and an area that allows me to choreograph a dance number I’m doing. There is a floating dock, two fountains and we have a car at our disposal. The cats name is “Pip,” and has welcomed us with open paws.

Orllyene and I flew here to celebrate Jay and Danielle’s wedding. We love our grandson very much, and meeting Danielle is one of those great pleasures that grandparents dream of. Many minds have given much thought to this marvelous occasion.

For example, Henry and Tessa drove 520 miles to Rockford, Maine, where they stayed with friends, so we could have the run of their home. Family members from Reno, Texas, Florida, and many family members from South Jersey filled the dining room, the living room, and the deck. A feast was served, introductions made and friendships forged that will last a lifetime.

Tessa’s talent for decorating has turned their home into a veritable art museum. Lovely paintings line the walls, floral displays adorn cabinets, antiques notch their way into corners, and fragile chandeliers add glitter and romance.

When Henry moved to Atlantic City, his position was to be Marketing Director at the new Playboy Casino. Alas, skullduggery was uncovered, and this is when he became responsible for the construction of the casino.

Yesterday, Henry and Tessa flew to London for a month. They do this each year. In January, they’re going to Auckland, New Zealand for the third time. They have been to China, Africa, South America, India, Katmandu, Australia and Antarctica.

One day, I asked Tessa, “How do manage to go to go to so many places and always see things with fresh eyes?” “Oh, I don’t know, I just seem to take it all in. For instance, in India, in a village where the homes have dirt floors, and they wouldn’t know how to use a toilet if they had one, I noticed a marvelous thing. The little boys wore starched white shirts when they went off to school, and the girls now go to school as well, albeit, after they do their hour of morning chores.”

Henry has been on school boards, zoning boards, and is the community “watchdog.” Pity the fool who misrepresent a point of fact, they’re a dead duck.

Henry and Tessa have both their oars in the water. They’re diligent, generous, and give more to life than they take from it.

Ron Walker lives in Smith Valley.